10 Best Customizable Recipe Ideas | Recipes, Dinners and Easy Meal Ideas

We have all been there; You bookmark a recipe that sounds amazing, but when you get home and take a look at your storeroom, you realize that you are missing a component or two. Bummer. And, while this can be a deal breaker for some recipes, you’ll find that there are Lots of Others Where It’s Totally OK to Have Creative Control And use whatever you have on hand. These consonants represent the latter; They are really adaptable and made to handle practically whatever Replacement You throw it at them. If you stick to similar swaps in texture and moisture content (like using different nuts and seeds interchangeably or replacing one leafy green vegetable with another) we’re sure you’ll get great results every time. One of our all-time favorite recipes to play with? Cooked eggs. This satisfying strata makes a hearty meal out of leftover pieces of bread and cheese (though you can easily apply the same thing—the mindset takes on a zest or frittata, very). Grandma gave us permission to make this recipe—so feel free to use any type of cheese, leafy greens, meat, or bread you have on hand.

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