12 home remedies to increase the memory of children, which scientists also believe are correct

12 home remedies to increase the memory of children, which scientists also believe are correct, If you are troubled by the weak memory or memory power of children, then you can overcome this problem by adding some things in their daily routine.

Some children have very weak memory.  Since childhood, they forget to keep things or they feel difficulty in remembering letters or remembering anything.  In the beginning, parents ignore these problems as common, but later when this problem starts increasing then it becomes a matter of concern.  


12 home remedies to increase the memory of children, which scientists also believe are correct

If this problem is stopped by adopting some measures in the beginning, then it does not take a serious form.  Today’s article is also on the same measures.  Today, through this article, we will tell you what measures you can use to increase the memory of children.  Scientists also consider these measures to be correct.  read on


1. – Sleep is necessary

 If the child gets enough sleep, it can increase his memory power.  Yes, let us tell you that the power of thinking, understanding and remembering of children is promoted in sleep.  In such a situation, if children do not get enough sleep, then it affects their thinking, understanding power.  A research related to this has also come to the fore.  Click here to read the research.


2. – Supplementation of nutrients

 Memory power can also be increased by changing the diet of children.  Let us tell you that some research suggests that if vitamin D, vitamin b1, b12, b6, iron, iodine etc.  has an effect on.


3. – Kids Play Puzzles

 Children do not develop only by playing outdoor games or indoor games.  Rather, there are some games that are helpful in their mental development, such as puzzles.  There was also a research on puzzles, which proves that playing puzzles has an effect on the memory power of the child.


4. – Make children a teacher

 Merely teaching children is not enough.  Rather, sometimes children can be made the teacher of their class and the student should be you.  Children will explain and teach you about their subject, then they will also get information related to that subject and they will also be able to remember easily.  This practice will also develop their mental power.


5. – Take the children for a walk outside

 When your kids go out for a walk, this will help them learn about new things, understand and repeat them over and over again in their mind.  This will not only increase their knowledge but also their mental development.  This practice is also helpful in increasing the memory power of children.  In such a situation, do not limit the scope of children only to the house.  Take them out for a walk too.


6. – Ask children to read aloud

 If children read things in their mind, they will not remember quickly and they will forget that thing quickly.  In such a situation, ask your children to read aloud whatever they are reading.  This will allow them to hear their own voice and will be easier to remember.  Children remember those things by reading aloud and memorizing them.


7. – It is also important for children to be good listeners

 It is not necessary to just put your point of view in front of others.  Sometimes listening to others is also necessary.  If we keep our point without listening to anyone, then people may misinterpret it.  In such a situation, it is the duty of the parents to make their child a good listener.  For this, first of all, motivate your child to listen to his point of view.  By doing this, not only will patience develop in them, but they will listen and understand what others say.


8. – Practice is also necessary

 Memorizing the children only once is not enough, but whatever the children have memorized, it is also necessary to practice again and again.  By doing this, children will be able to remember that thing for a long time and their memory power will also become strong.  In such a situation, whatever you give your child to remember, keep asking that thing from time to time.

  When the child practices both verbally and in writing, it will affect their memory as well.  Research related to this has also come to the fore.


9. – Adequate water intake

 Young children cannot take care of themselves.  They get so busy with studies, sports, changes in their surroundings etc. that they do not pay attention to their health.  In such a situation, it is the duty of the parents to make their children practice drinking water.  For this they can also set an alarm.  After which the child should drink a glass of water.  Let us tell you that memory can be increased by the consumption of water.


10. – Take help of children in small tasks

 Often mothers think that they will not make their child do anything.  Let us tell you that if you want to develop them both physically and mentally, then you can take their help in small household chores.  Also, some outside items and small rough calculations can be asked by the children to do.  This will not only increase their power but also their mental development.


11. – Feed ghee to children

 Adding ghee to the diet of children affects their memory power.  Let us tell you that the memory of children can be sharpened by the consumption of ghee.  There has also been some research related to this.


12. – Make sentences with words

 To increase the thinking power of children, parents can give them some words and ask them to make some sentences from those words.  Doing this will not only increase the thinking power of the children, but it will also affect their memory.  There has also been some research related to this.


Note :- The points mentioned above show that some home remedies can be useful for you in increasing the memory power of children.  Even scientists consider them to be correct.


ways to sharpen children’s mind

Every parent loves to see their child grow up.  Everything about this time becomes memorable for the parents.  But sometimes some parents feel that their child is not able to remember things like other children.  At the same time, in order to perform well in school, children have to remember all the things for a long time.  In such a situation, all the subjects taught to them have to be well understood and remembered and for this it is very important for the children to have a sharp mind.  Every parent wants their child to have a sharp mind and for this they also find different ways.

 Keeping this problem of all of you in mind, in this article you have been told about the ways to sharpen the child’s mind.  Along with this, an attempt has been made to explain in detail to you how to make children’s mind sharp, what should be done to sharpen children’s mind, home remedies to sharpen children’s mind and how to increase children’s brain etc.


1. To sharpen the mind of children, do not stop them from asking questions

 Understanding any subject or information is the first step in remembering it.  If the child asks a question repeatedly on a topic, then every time you answer it with love, because only by asking the child understands that topic or information and only then the child is able to remember that topic.  This develops the thinking power of the child and he learns to solve things.


2. The way to sharpen the mind of children is to encourage them

 To sharpen the mind of the child, talk to him on different topics and ask him what he thinks about it.  By encouraging the child in this way, he is able to remember the information for a long time.  By sharpening the mind of the child, this method increases their thinking ability.  Also, the child is able to remember things for a long time.


3. Respond in a poem or song to sharpen your child’s mind

 If you want the child to remember the information or topic for a long time, then teach that information in the form of rhyme or song.  The brain remembers information found in rhymes and patterns for a long time.  Therefore, give information in the child’s poem or music.  This makes it easy for the child to learn.


4. To sharpen the mind of children, increase their thinking power

 To sharpen the mind of the child, you increase his thinking ability.  Whatever the child reads or hears, a picture is formed in his mind.  You ask the child about that topic, on this the child puts the information in front of you according to his thinking.  By doing this repeatedly, gradually the child’s thinking starts developing.  To increase this ability, you can also ask the child to do small tasks by giving him.


5. Play memory games with kids to boost their brains

 You can play a variety of memory games with the child to enhance his mind.  The child does not get bored with this type of game and gradually his mind also starts sharpening.  In this, you can play the following types of games with the child.

Three Cup Game:

 You can play three cup game with kids to enhance their mind.  To play this, you have to take three cups, bowls or plastic glasses.  Also you have to take a coin.  At the beginning of the game, show the child and place the coin under one of the cups.  After this, without moving the three cups, interchange the positions of each other cup.  After sometime ask the child under which cup the coin is.  This increases the concentration of the child.


table (maze):

 This game is easily found in children’s books, mobile apps and parks.  In this game the child has to find a way to get from one end to the other.  All of you must have played this game many times in your childhood.  There are many benefits to the child by playing this game.  In this, the child completes his game by making coordination between the hands and the eyes.  This helps the child learn how to solve the problem.  In this game when the child is unable to find the way, he searches for a new way.


Picture puzzle:

 In picture puzzle game, the child is given a picture in some pieces and he is asked to make a complete by joining it together.  Through this game the child understands and completes the picture.


6. Take the kids out for a walk to sharpen their brains

 It is not at all that the child learns everything only from books or other written information.  You take the child for a walk outside the house and let him also experience the outside world.  In such a situation, you take the child to the zoo to tell about the animals or take the child for a walk in a park to tell about the trees and plants.  Apart from this, the child learns and understands about many information.

 If you want to tell about history to the child, then take him to a museum, so that the child will be able to remember the historical events and their characters easily.


7. The way to increase the mind of children is to make them teacher

 Sometimes children learn many things by playing sports.  To make the child remember a topic in an easy way, you make him a teacher and ask him to teach himself.  You can take the help of his friends and other siblings in this process.  In this process, ask the child to explain any information he has learned or read.

 If the child has understood that thing well, then he will tell you the complete information like a teacher.  During this, the child can see the book stuck somewhere, you should keep in mind the information not remembered by him and again explain them to the child.  Due to this, the child is able to remember the related information for a long time.


8. The way to increase the mind of children is to give them little information

 Children take time to learn something, many children have trouble remembering long information.  In such a situation, teach the child complete information little by little.  If you ask the child to do many things at once, then it can lead to confusion in the child, so it is very important that while giving any information to the child or telling him some work, divide them into pieces.  With this, the child will also be able to complete his work by learning all the things in sequence.



9. To sharpen the mind of the child, make him practice again and again

 By teaching one information to the child using different senses, it takes its place in different places of the child’s brain.  By keeping the information secure in different places in the brain, the child is able to retell it easily and remember it for a long time.  When the child thinks about the related information, various neural circuits of the brain get activated, which makes the child’s brain sharp.  You can also call it a child’s brain exercise.


10. Connect all the information to sharpen the mind of the children

 To sharpen the mind of the children, you should tell them by linking the information given on any one topic, because the short term memory can be kept safe for less than a minute without being related to each other.  Gets it.  Remind the child by linking all the information given on any one topic and adding the new information with the related information which the child had taken earlier, so that the child will be able to remember the complete information for a long time and also the new information  Can learn easily.


Factors affecting child’s brain

 Every child has a different ability.  Some children may have a sharper brain than other children of their own age.  However, in some cases, due to the following factors, the child is unable to remember any information for a long time or his mind is affected.

  • The child’s current and past health conditions affect his brain, which directly affects the child’s ability to remember.  This includes a variety of genetic disorders and injuries to the lower part of the head at or after birth, etc.
  • The child is not able to learn and remember anything correctly even after lack of concentration or prolonged pain in the hand.
  • A balanced and nutritious diet is needed for the proper development of the child’s brain.  The lack of nutrients in the diet of children also affects their brain.
  • Adequate sleep is also very important for the brain.  Lack of sleep means loss of memory.
  • The effect of stressful environment at home also affects the mind of the child.  In this environment, the child’s memory power is not able to remember any information for a long time.

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