14 best sandals for women in 2022 with comfort and style

It’s that time of season when your favorite sandals Looking tired and you are ready for a new pair everyday. But let’s face it, the shoe department can feel like an argument and decision-making test. You’re not only juggling price and size, but also the style versus comfort dilemma. Do you choose that fashionable pair that will be in your wardrobe forever? Or that casual pair you wouldn’t see wearing outside the house?

When choosing sandals, you want one that is both comfortable and fashionable. After all, no one wants to stress about leg pain, stiffness, or blisters. That’s why we consulted fashion experts and podiatrists to find the best sandals for comfort and style enthusiasts alike.

at $139.95 notty

naot santa barbara

Who doesn’t love this classic double strap design? Dr. Elizabeth Doughty, which specializes in podiatric medicine, loves the adjustable straps, cushioned suede footbed, and sole on this sandal in particular. “The EVA is the only accessory and has an anatomic cork and latex footbed,” she says. “This allows for arch support and molding to the structure of the individual’s foot. EVA is an elastic material that is considered one of the best shock-absorbing materials on the market today. The brand makes a. style for men very.

at $139.95 notty

Noot Santa Barbara Female Vegetarian

Take Everything Great About Santa Barbara, But Make Them Vegetarian! Whether you follow the vegetarian lifestyle or not, these slides are stylish, comfortable and supportive. Daughtry recommends them for travel as they are lightweight and can be easily packed.

at $55 hoka

Hoka Ora Recovery Slide Sandals

As if modern futuristic style isn’t enough, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has actually given this slipper its seal of approval. “Apart from a cushioned sole, the bottom of a sandal is shaped like the bottom of a boat,” Dr. Sophia Solomon it is said. “This allows your foot to move from heel to toe in one smooth motion and reduces jerking at the knees and ankles.”

at $130 birkenstock

Birkenstock Arizona Platform Suede Leather

When you think of comfy-cute sandals, birkenstocks Maybe it immediately comes to mind. But did you know that they are also good for your feet? According to Solomon, “Birkenstock is still one of the best options because of certain features. The deep heel cup and arch support stabilize the heel, prevent excess pronation and distribute your weight over a larger surface area. Metatarsal pads help reduce foot pain, or metatarsalgia, by moving the weight further back in your foot.

at $49.99 crocs

Crocs Classic Clog

Ah, how much we have loved the return of the croc! Jane FrancisA multidisciplinary designer with over 35 years of experience in the fashion industry, she also has vouchers for her. “A mix of high and low is always a winning formula in fashion,” she says. “I love how wearers of all ages and genders can personalize their Crocs.” If you need inspiration, Jen adorns her Crocs with chains, crystals, and designer logos.

at $59.95 oops

Oofos Women's OO Original Sandals

These oofos sandals Stuck around for good reason: For people with heel pain (and those without), foam cushions provide support and reduce shock. Plus, the Original Thong Style, an Underscore editor’s favorite, is made with a nonslip footbed that makes them suitable for wet conditions. Rain or shine, you don’t have to worry about sliding around.

$150 at $69.95 Cole Hano

Cole Haan Women's Zergrand Sandals

If you move a lot and don’t want to trade style for comfort, check out these Cole Haan sandals. What Leads to a Long Distance Walk on a New York City Sidewalk Carolina ObregónTo discover these gems, lecturer at Parsons School of Design.

$120 at $60 birkenstock

Birkenstock Milano

We have yet another Birkenstock recommendation, this time for the securely fitting Milano model, which comes in lots of solids and patterns. stone hubbardFootwear and accessories design technologists at the Fashion Institute of Technology love suede cork bases. “I like Milano Birkenstocks because they’re as stylish as the classic Arizona models and have an orthopedic cork and jute feet,” he says. “They provide great arch support and fit securely with the back heel strap.”

at $115 Chacko

Chacko Women's Paeonia Clog

Have you heard the term ‘GorpCorp’? It is a trend that focuses on usability and functionality. For fashion, leather and textile specialist Tjakob Hooker, who holds an MFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Chacos is the way to go. “I gravitate towards more ‘GorpCorp’ brands because of their respect for the human body,” he says. “Their design ethos is committed to ergonomics and consistent use.” Other brands they recommend include birkenstock And Merrell,

$150 at $112.98 sorrel

Sorel Women's Cameron Multi Strap Wedge Sandals

How can something so trendy be comfortable? These part-espadrilles, part-wedge sandals are the lift you need to elevate any look. Obregón describes them as elegant enough for any occasion, but you can still walk for miles and miles.

at $139.95 notty

Naot Kayla Sandal

If you’re looking for a sandal that’s easy to dress up on, you’ll want to check out the Naot Kayla style. It has a small heel, but your feet won’t hurt. The cork and latex footbed conforms to your foot while the deep heel cup adds stability. According to Dr. Timothy OldaniStability is really important when considering a sandal, says a foot and ankle expert. “More stable, less movement, which means less pain and opportunities for blisters,” he says.

$55 From $38.99 Merrell

Merrell Hydro Moco

It’s supposed to be a hiking shoe, but it’s just as stylish off the trail. Hooker loves the unibody style of this durable slip-on. For an eco-conscious option, there’s a vegetarian-friendly version called Hydro Moq with Bloom,

$130 at $97.98 sorrel

Sorel Women's Kinetic Sandals

for fashion designer Alla EisenbergThe gold standard sandal comes from Celine. She loves Sorrel Kinetic Wedge Sandals for their neat look, reasonable prices, and high quality. “I wore them on my recent vacation in Italy and southern France,” she says. “I turned around extensively and they endured the medieval cobblestone streets with grace.” Neon accent colors and chunky platform styling make a remarkable team. Her other recommendation? You guessed it: a Birkenstock in any style.

at $39. From heroine

nike jordan hydro 6 sanda

You can’t go wrong with this Nike staple. “The Jordanian brand has successfully crossed the line between fashion and function to be loved by both athletes and the everyday consumer,” says Angela Finocchio, a Fashion Institute of Technology classroom assistant. You’ll want to wear these sporty, lightweight sandals everywhere—if you haven’t already. “The rise of athleisure fashion increased the popularity of the slide silhouette, a casual style now found in many high fashion collections,” she says. “Wearing them with socks is totally acceptable and creates an opportunity to style one’s look based on the choice of sock color, pattern, and length.”

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