2 Easy way to find age, how to calculate age in years, months and days

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2 Easy way to find age

Easy way to find Age :-  Are you able to calculate your exact age at the present time.  And if you can do it, then how much time do you spend in it?  In the current date, how many years, how many months, and how many days you have become from your date of birth to today’s date.

  If you take it out in no time, then it is a good thing, but not everyone knows how to calculate their correct age in the shortest possible time and many people also face problems in it.  That’s why today we have come up with “2 easy way to find age“.


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How to calculate age manually

How to calculate age :- In today’s time many such jobs come out and there are many education and exam forms, in which it is given to show your age on this date like how many years, months and how many days you are on 1-1-2018  .  All these have to be calculated and filled in that field.

  So till now you face the problem or take too much time to calculate your correct age, then today I will tell you about “2 easy way to find age” an online site and an app, which will help you in the fastest way.  


how to calculate age in years, months and days

Friends, here I am telling you 2 ways to calculate age, one is website and the other is android app.  With both these tarike, you can find out your exact age in a very easy and simple way :-


Method 1. How to calculate age in years, months and days from online website

Step 1.:- First of all you have to search on Google.  Now click on “Age Calculator” which will appear on the first site in the result calculator.net.  Or you can click here to go directly to the site.

Step 2.: – You can see that after the site is open, 2 fields have been given to calculate the age, in which you have to fill in this way.


  1. Date of birth – You have to select your date of birth from this field.  Today’s date is given here.  Change it and add your date of birth.  Like here is the first month, click on it and choose your month.  Select the day from the second option.  and enter your year in the third option

 Suppose your date of birth is 12-05-1995, then select May from the first option in the field of date of birth.  Now select the date 12 from the second option.  And in the third wrote 1995.


  1. Age at the date of – In this field you have to select the date in which to calculate your age.  Like if you want to see today’s date, then today’s date has already been given in this field, so there is no need to make any changes here.


  1. Now simple click on Calculate given in green color below.


Result :-

Now you can see that we had filled the date of birth as 12-05-1995 and we had to see the age on today’s date 21-11-2021.  So here your age will be like this –

 26 years- 6 months- 9 days i.e. in today’s day you are 26 years 6 months and 9 days old.

 This happened, you can see the year, month and day below, and other things have been given in which it is telling your age.

 If you look at the age in the month only, then in today’s date there are 282 months and 9 days.

 And if you talk about age in a week only, then you have become 1227 weeks and 5 days old.

 And if you look only in the day, then you have become 8,594 days old.

 and in minutes 12,375,360

 Even in seconds, it is telling by calculating your age, here you are about 742,521,600 seconds, you were born.


Method 2. How to calculate age in years, months and days from online website

 Here we are telling you another way about the android app which you can download and know your age.  In this you will not need internet and website like before.  Once you download it, then you can use it offline as well.

Step 1.:- First of all you have to open google play store.

Step 2.: – Now search, Age Calculator, click on the first app that will come.  More apps can appear with this name.  This app is 2.5mb and it has got 4.4* reviews.

Step 3.: – Now install it and open it.

Step 4.: – On opening the app, it will ask for some permission, allow it and in the next step click on Get Started.

Step 5.:- Now fill the field given below in this way.

Today’s Day – In this field, enter the date on which you want to calculate your age.  For example, if you want to see in today’s date, it is already here, so there is no need to change it.

Date Of Birth – Here you have to type your date of birth.  First dd is written, type the day in it.  Second mm type the month in it and fill the year in yyyy, so here I have entered the date 12-05-1995 as before.

 Now click on Calculate.


 So friends, here I have told you the 2 best option to remove age, in which first was website and second application, you can calculate your age in the way you like and see perfect year, month, aur day.  If you like the post, then share it with your other friends also.

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Final Words About Calculating Age

 So friends, how did you like the information about this article “2 Easy way to find age“.  If you liked it, then do share it.

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