Alice Stefnik Offers House Opportunity to Advance in GOP Leadership

Rep. Elise Stefanik, the Republican lawmaker from New York who went from Paul Ryan’s retainer to an ardent Donald Trump supporter As her political stars rise, she said on Tuesday that she is giving her a chance to move up the ladder of the party leadership.

Stefanik said she would seek re-election to the position of GOP convention president when the party has a majority, a fourth-ranking job that Republicans hope to do after the November midterms. By doing so, he turned down a chance to run for the position of party whip, third place, and a more visible place in the leadership.

“For the next 56 days, I am laser-focused on working to earn a historic Republican majority,” Stefnik said. in a statement, “I’m proud that we’ve integrated the entire Republican convention into crisis messaging across our country and have broken more than $10M fundraising records for candidates and committees this cycle as House GOP conference chair.”

“With the broad support of NY21 and my House GOP colleagues, I intend to run for convention president in the next Congress,” she said.

Stefani’s announcement could set off a domino effect in the Whip Race, which was seen as a potential four-way contest between Stefani; Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Drew Ferguson (Ga.); Rep. Tom Emmer (Min.), chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee; and Representative Jim Banks (Ind.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the House GOP’s largest caucus group.

Stefnik’s absence from that race could bring some clarity to the field. While Republicans are wary of appearing too eager to “measure the curtain” and are seen as overconfident about retaking House control, candidates have used quiet, past conversations with potential supporters to gauge their sentiments. is likely to. Nonetheless, formal announcements in the past have waited until a day after the election.

“With the broad support of NY21 and my House GOP colleagues, I intend to run for convention president at the next Congress.”

— Representative Alice Stefnik (RN.Y.), House Republican Convention Speaker

Stefanik, 38, rose to prominence as a pre-policy victory of the George W. Bush White House. Later, she was in charge of preparing former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for the 2012 Vice Presidential debate. She was elected to the Congress in 2014 and gained a reputation as a moderate, policy-savvy MP.

But with the rise of Trump, Stefanik redefined his approach, taking a confrontational stance similar to Trump and finally the echo of his lies That the 2020 elections were rigged against him. With Trump’s public support, he easily won the race To replace Representative Liz Cheney (Wyo.) as convention chair in May 2021.

Stefani’s high profile also garnered further scrutiny, which initially led to criticism. One blamed the lack of infant formula On “Pedo Grifters”. And her rhetoric on immigration prompted the editorial page of the Albany Times Union to surprise “how low” could she go,

But Stefanik didn’t shy away from controversy, and neither did his highest-profile endorsement in the 2022 election cycle: Carl Paladino, who ran for a congressional seat in western New York state. Paladino lost its primary For the more moderate candidate.

Stefanik’s announcement came just hours after reports that Rep. Byron Donalds (Fla.) plan to formally announce on Thursday that he would run for the presidency of convention. Donald is one of two black lawmakers at the House GOP convention.

Given Stefani’s brief tenure in the presidency so far – just a little over a year – and the overwhelming numbers in his early victories, he would be favored to retain the position. A senior Republican source said Stefnik had laid off key endorsements and several of the convention’s members in less than an hour on Tuesday.

“And he hasn’t hit the floor yet,” said the source.

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