Allbirds Pacer Launched: New Shoe for Everyday Wear

We already know that Allbirds makes super comfortable sneakers, and after expanding into running shoes, active wear and even a resale programOf course, you must be wondering which casual product the brand will drop next. How does a clean and classic everyday sneaker fit any lifestyle? Meet the new shoes from Allbirds, the pacer,

Sleek to the touch, these everyday shoes made of plant leather are perfect for adding a polished look to your outfit.

Made from natural materials, the canvas version of the Pacer comes in three classic neutral colors and an eye-catching teal.

The Pacer offers versatility for everyday wear, without giving off the signature comfort the brand is known for. With a classic silhouette punctuated by a supportive middle console, you can match the Pacer with almost any aesthetic, as it’s available in two materials: plant leather And canvas,

plant pacer, which is made from plant-based alternative leather, is vegan and plastic-free, as conveniences are always in style at Allbirds. It’s available in two colors, both for $135: a Creamy Natural White and a limited edition Dreamy Green. canvas pacer, meanwhile, boasts an extensive color array that includes three neutrals and the more attractive Thrive Teal. Made from organic cotton, they come in men’s and women’s sizes for $110.

Ready to give your tired soles a cloud-like rest? make new purchases fast bowlers drop and . full line of Allbirds Apparel Now he.

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