Amazon announces new Kindle (11th generation) and Kindle Kids

The 2022 Amazon Kindle is going back to basics. Or, more accurately, it’s upgrading its entry-level Kindle with more premium features, like a higher-resolution screen, better battery life, and double the storage — all for $99.

The latest Amazon Kindle e-reader is available for preorder today and will begin shipping on October 12th. it will cost you $99.99 with lock screen ads And $119.99 if you want to upgrade For an ad-free device. Kindle Kids Edition, $119.99 . TooComes with a two-year warranty, one-year free Amazon Kids+ membership, and kid-friendly cover.

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I love my kindle. In fact, I’ve been using one since it was originally released back in 2007. And though it can now be ordered in several different styles, including the mid-level for $139.99. Kindle Paperwhite and top tier $249.99 Kindle Oasis (Our Best Overall E-Reader Pick), it’s nice to see that Amazon is offering additional features on its least expensive device.

The last entry-level Kindle was announced in 2019, so it’s time to see an update. And, hallelujah, that over-annoying, chronically-annoying Micro-USB has finally been replaced with a more ubiquitous USB-C charging port. Not only will it charge faster, but you won’t need to carry or carry around that extra cord for your e-reader (anyone packing for travel will understand my frustration).

And, speaking of battery life, Amazon says the new Kindle has six weeks of reading time, instead of the previous two weeks of the 2019 device’s estimated battery life. This is a considerable increase.

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I am a heavy Kindle reader. I not only constantly buy books (usually through discounted websites like bookbubwhich offers daily personalized selections for up to 95%) but I also borrow e-books from the library using the free Libby App, So it’s great to see that for just shy of $100, you now get twice the storage space on a 2022 Kindle.

The base configuration is now 16GB, which is double the 8GB in the previous iteration. It should contain thousands of titles, so you can download now, read later.

brighter performance, lighter body

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Finally, this latest Kindle, while still measuring 6 inches diagonally and weighing just over 5.5 ounces, now features a higher-resolution screen, with a 300-pixel-per-inch count compared to the previous model’s 167 ppi. A good bump for . This should mean better quality text and sharper images for things like pictures and comics.

And, because it’s e-paper, the display is wonderfully free of glare for easy reading in direct sunlight. Plus, as a nighttime reader, I love the adjustable front-light with four LEDs, which lets you read in the dark without disturbing your partner or snapping at a heavy book light. It may not be as bright as the Kindle Oasis’s 25 LEDs, but for less than half the price and the same screen resolution, it seems worth it.

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If you haven’t switched to an e-reader yet, or you’re ready to upgrade to an older Kindle, this 2022 version at $99.99 looks like a good entry point. Not only will you get double the storage, a higher-resolution screen, and a significant bump in battery life from the 2019 model, but you can also charge it with any USB-C charging cable.

And, if you want to make it easier for your kids to have a book in their hands, without worrying about distractions like these devices ipad either Amazon Fire Tablet, $119.99 Kindle Kids even comes with a free year Amazon Kids+ Subscription service so that they can safely browse and download the titles that interest them at no extra charge.

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