Any ‘fair jury’ will convict Trump in damaged document case: George Conway

conservative lawyer George Conway predicted that it would be nearly impossible for the Justice Department not to prosecute the former president Donald Trump On the concealment of top-secret documents discovered at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

And “I think before any impartial jury, he has to be convicted, based on what we’re seeing,” Conway told journalist Molly Jong-Fast on her podcast unusual,

Asked if Trump would ever go to jail, Conway replied: “I can’t guarantee that, but there’s a fair chance.”

“There’s still more evidence that needs to come out,” he adds, “but everything points to a heap of trouble for him, and we haven’t seen everything that the Department of Justice has.”

FBI Took out boxes of documents, including classified documents, from Mar-a-Lago last month. All government documents, whether classified or not, were to be handed over to the National Archives when Trump stepped down under presidency requirements. Presidential Records Act,

“He spoils everything because [Trump’s attorneys are] He is doing what He wants them to do. He wants to go on crime. The problem is that he has no weapon to commit the crime. And it has no legal argument. He has no defense. He only has lies. ,

Listen to the full podcast below.

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