Armed man arrested after Dairy Queen declares Trump ‘President King’

one armed Donald Trump A supporter who told police he wanted to reinstate “President King of the United States” was arrested at a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania, where he said he wanted to kill Democrats and liberals, WTAJ-TV reported,

According to police in Delmont, 61-year-old Jan Stowey was arrested without a struggle on multiple felony charges. At that time many people were present inside the fast food restaurant.

Stowie, dressed in a yellow safety vest and iridescent wig, was armed with a loaded .40-caliber pistol when officers arrived on Saturday to investigate reports of a motorist being pulled over at Dairy Queen, police said. he said. He announced that he was “undercover with the Pennsylvania State Police working on a major drug sting,” According to WPXI-TV,

Stowie lashed out at officials and called himself a prophet who would “kill all Democrats because Trump was still president.” He claimed he was “working to reinstate Trump to President King of the United States,” according to police.

A Dairy Queen manager reportedly told police that Stowie had previously visited the eatery and kept $120 as a tip for “non-Democrats” on the counter.

Police said they confiscated two other guns and ammunition from Stowey’s car.

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