CNN’s Vault: America Votes NFT collection celebrates historic election call

Every four years, with our votes cast and our TVs tuned, we wait to hear who will be our next Commander in Chief. And in past years, some results have hinged on slim or single-state margins. In celebration of these dramatic, democratic decisions, CNN. by Vault has launched a series of NFTs to commemorate some of the most notable modern elections in the country.

US vote collection begins earlier this month NFTs of the 2012 re-election of President Obama The victory was announced by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. Available now, the second fall in the series features President George W. on Al Gore. Bush’s 2000 election victory and his 2004 re-election victory against John Kerry. Each election moment in the series can be purchased as a standard edition, in Vault’s signature NFT video format, or as a special edition, complete with a changing Electoral College infographic outlining the results from election night.

This collection adds to the growing gallery of CNN content contained in the vault, including NFTs. War notes from Ukrainian citizensThe Pope Francis selected And Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, Two more drops in the America Vote series are scheduled to be released in October; The latter part of the series highlights the 1992 and 1996 election victories of Bill Clinton and the 1988 victories of George HW Bush.

Both standard and special editions of these NFTs are available in limited quantities, so go ahead CNN. by Vault To unlock your personal piece of presidential history.

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