Elisha Cuthbert: I was ‘pressured’ for men’s magazines as a young actor

Elisha Cuthbert Doesn’t look back on its “Maxim” titlemost beautiful woman on tv, with great pride.

Feather “Broad Thoughts with Rachel BilsonOn Monday’s podcast, the “24” star was asked about her reigns as men’s magazine It-Girl in 2000 and early 2010 — And Cuthbert, 39, indicated that she never wanted to be a part of “that whole circus.”

“There really wasn’t a choice at the time,” she said of avoiding shooting for men’s magazines that tend to overly sexist women and usually rank them based on their physical appearance. “That’s it [film] The studio wanted you to.”

Elisha Cuthbert in 2003.  The actor has been open about how he was branded as a sex symbol early in his career.
Elisha Cuthbert in 2003. The actor has been open about how he was branded as a sex symbol early in his career.

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The “The Ranch” star admitted that at the time, these types of photoshoots were very common in her industry.

“We ended up in a short amount of time where it was actually happening. I mean, Halle Berry was doing it, for God’s sake… Jennifer Aniston was doing it,” she said. “We were probably too young to be subject to it, and feeling pressured to do so.”

Although Cuthbert acknowledged that she had millions of subscribers in popular magazines like FHM and offered “a way to see and promote whatever you were doing at the time”, she questioned how to rate her attractiveness. Who has the right?

“What was that list? It was ridiculous!” That said, adding later: “It’s not like I won an Olympic medal. It was just a list some random magazine decided to make.”

She also pointed out that although the culture has changed, her Maxim magazine title which she won in 2013 still holds some sort of clout.

“When someone reads my bio, those things come up,” she said, referring to the title of her magazine. “They don’t really mean anything to me as a person or in relation to my career.”

Cuthberto in April spoke to the daily beast How she was branded as a sex symbol early in her career thanks to her role as a porn star in 2004’s “The Girl Next Door”.

She told the publication that when she first started posing for men’s magazines, she felt “liberating” and “we were doing some really cool photoshoots.” But the “Happy Endings” star said that when magazines started ranking women, she began to feel the difference with the messaging.

“Looking back on them, I didn’t like doing them – especially when they started getting repetitive, and the dialogue ‘Who’s the sexiest?’ and ‘Who is the prettiest?’ In a competitive way, and feeling objective and fleshing out this persona, ‘This is what I represent.’ Because it really wasn’t.”

“It wasn’t an accurate representation of me as an artist, that’s for sure. It was a facet. And unfortunately, a lot of people just went, ‘Oh, that’s the sexy girl.’ We were all so much more than that.”

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