Finnish PM says he took drug test after party video backlash

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Friday that she took a drug test to appease critics, following an uproar. Leaked video footage of her partying,

Marin held a news conference after the release of a second video, which featured her “dancing closely” with local pop star Olawi Usivirta, according to bbc, A video from the same party released on Thursday shows Marin dancing and singing along with five people, According to the Associated Press,

“I took a drug test today, the results of which will be available in about a week,” Marin told reporters. According to Politico Europe,

“Even in my teens, I have not used any kind of drugs. I just did the tests to be sure” To dispel any doubts, Marin continued.

“I wish we lived in a society where I could be trusted. But when such doubts are raised here, so I did these tests,” she said, according to bloomberg,

An opposition lawmaker asked Marin to undergo a drug test, according to CNN,

The Finnish prime minister also pushed back against questions about his fitness to serve, when asked whether partying him might interfere with his responsibilities, when the country’s relations with Russia in Ukraine were compromised by Russian President Vladimir. Putin’s war has worsened.

According to Politico, Marin said, “The State Council is always functional, and meetings are not convened at midnight.”

She continued: “If you need to reach out to me, I’m always ready to work.”

Finland has applied to join NATO along with Sweden. Putin warns against a move, NATO has already signed the Accession Protocol of Nations, According to the Associated Press,

Earlier this week, Finland announced that it would restrict the number of Russians who can obtain visas after an influx of Russian tourists using Helsinki’s airport to cross into Europe, according to Reuters, Most European countries do not allow Russian aircraft to enter their airspace.

Marin said he was disappointed that people shared footage from the party even though he knew they were being filmed.

“I believe people understand that leisure time and work time can be separated,” Marin said, according to bbc,

Marin defended his behavior after the first video leaked on Thursday.

“Party, very wild, yes. Danced and sang,” said Marin, according to Finnish broadcaster YLE, as Quoted by AP. All of this, she said, “were completely legal things.”

Marin has said she will spend her free time the same way she did before taking over as prime minister.

“I hope this is accepted. We live in a democracy and in elections everyone can decide these issues,” Marin said, according to YLE.

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