Hillary Clinton: The Types of Documents Trump Often Has for Handcuffing an Officer

Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that the classified documents former President Donald Trump The hoarding at his home is reportedly the kind that required him to have a military escort as Secretary of State. (See video below.)

Clinton tells ‘Late Night’ host Seth Meyers that when she read the top-secret material, an officer would “come into my office and I had a handcuff attached to a suitcase to show me something that was so secret that it could literally be taken out of his hand.” Had to tie up.”

The officer saw Clinton read it and signed that he had reviewed it, and then he would withdraw it, he recalled.

Clinton, who lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election, harasses back at conducting government business for using a private email server to “shut them down” of his supporters. Clinton faced allegations that she was trying to hide wrongdoings. (A State Department investigation of emails scheduled in 2019 said there was “no persuasive evidence of systematic, intentional mishandling of classified information.”) The New York Times reported,

“Unlike those guys, I’m not saying ‘shut him down,'” Clinton said of Trump and his supporters. “I’m saying let’s just find the facts and follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

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