How to check copyright music before uploading | 4 Ways to Check Copyright Song/Music Before Uploading

How To Check Copyright Music Before Uploading :– Hello Guys!  Today we are going to know in this post that “How to check copyright music before uploading” so let’s go.


How to check copyright music before uploading

How to public copyright song/music before uploading :- Do you also upload videos on YouTube, then the question must have come in your mind, that how to check YouTube music or music copyright before publishing the video?  Or you want to make sure whether the music you use in your video is copyrighted or not?, So today we are going to tell you this.

Because if you upload a video with copyrighted content to YouTube, you cannot monetize your YouTube video, so you will not be able to earn money from YouTube videos. Or in some cases, it could result in a copyright strike, which no one wants. Or your YouTube channel can also be ruined due to getting copyright strike.


So what is the solution to Song Copyright?

Well, the first thing is that if you don’t have the copyright to use the song/music, then you shouldn’t even use a piece of music in your video.


But you are not here for the Song/Music copyright right?

Here I have listed four methods that I have been able to check music copyright on YouTube.


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4 Ways to Check Copyright Song/Music Before Uploading

How to check copyright song :- You can see here 4 ways how to check youtube music or music copyright before publishing video :-

1. YouTube Music Library

YouTube has a music policies library, in which you can search for the music you use and know the policies for that particular song/music.

This will give you information about who owns the music and their current policies. It will also tell you what happens if you use that particular music in your YouTube video?

 The YouTube music policies page has a collection of many songs, but not every song. YouTube music policies You can also find some copyright-free songs and sounds in the YouTube audio library.

 If you can’t find your song on YouTube Music policies, you can try the remaining three methods.  Or go to the YouTube Music policies library.


2. Use Easy Song/music Licensing is a website with the help of which you can provide information about the copyright holder.

 They have a database of 1,400,000 songs and you can search by title, artist or publisher.

 How to Check Music Copyright?  If you’d like a license to use or cover a song, they can help you with that.  But I recommend you to contact the copyright holder yourself, as they charge a hefty fee.


3. Use Shazam

If you don’t know the name of a song, this tool can tell you its name in seconds.

 You find the name of any song.  You can download Shazam app for iOS or Android and just play the song and it will tell you the name of the song and then you can also search for the copyright holder of that song.

 Shazam can also be used to download or listen to songs.  Download Shazam App.


4. Private Upload Method

Here’s one that I personally use a few times, but isn’t recommended.

 The method is simple, you just need to create a new YouTube channel.  If your main channel doesn’t get one, affected.

 After this you upload your video to the new YouTube channel.  But select private while uploading, if you are doing it on your main channel so that your viewers are not informed.

 After uploading in private mode, go to video manager and go to that video and click on copyright claim which you have just uploaded.

 It will then show you all the necessary information about the copyrighted music or video, allowing you to check the copyrighted music before it is uploaded.

 If it uses un-copyrighted music or it wasn’t automatically detected by YouTube by Content ID Match, it won’t show you the copyright claim button.


How to check copyright music before uploading?  last word on

One thing to note in the last word is that if it doesn’t show the claim right after the upload, then there may be a chance that if the owner notices it later, it will show up on your channel as per the action taken by the owner of that.  can affect.

 It is always recommended to obtain proper written permission or license to use the music from the copyright owner.


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