How to Renew Two Wheeler or Motorcycle Insurance Policy Online or Offline? | Process to renew two wheeler or motorcycle insurance online

How to Renew Two Wheeler or Motorcycle Insurance Policy Online or Offline?

  Policybazaar gives you the option to renew your two wheeler or motorcycle insurance instantly in 30 seconds with the lowest and cheapest guaranteed premium, saving you unnecessary hassle and cost.  Buy and renew Two-wheeler ya Motorcycle Insurance Policy and get up to 85% off at Two Wheeler.


Process to renew two wheeler or motorcycle insurance online

It is very easy to renew 2-wheeler insurance policy online.  This process is very simple for you to renew your bike insurance policy in just 30 seconds.  You just need to carry your policy with you.  To renew your two-wheeler insurance policy online, follow the steps given below:-

Step1.:- First of all you go to the website of renewing motorcycle or bike insurance.

 Step2.:- After this you have to enter your bike registration number and other related information on the renewal form.

 Step3.:- After this you have to choose the two wheeler or bike insurance plan that you want to buy.

 Step4.:- Then you choose rider or update IDV.  You can update IDV as per your requirement.  “Your IDV should be 10% less than last year’s policy.”

 Step5.:- When you complete the process, select the premium you want to pay.  You can choose any of the online payment option to pay the premium amount.

 Step6.:- When you complete the payment, your Motorcycle/Bike/2-wheeler Insurance Policy will be renewed.

   Thereafter, your motorcycle/bike/two-wheeler insurance policy renewal document will be emailed to you on your registered email address.  You can download your policy document and also get printout.  You can show the document to the traffic police and save yourself to pay heavy traffic fine.


Things to keep in mind while renewing two-wheeler insurance online

While renewing Online Two-wheeler ya Motorcycle Insurance Policy, you have to follow some common steps, which you can see :-

  1. Compare different 2 wheeler or motorcycle insurance plans from leading insurers.
  2. Save you money through side-by-side comparisons and choose the plan that best fits your pocket.
  3. You must get help from the 2-wheeler or Motorcycle Insurance call center.


Ways to renew two wheeler insurance policy offline

 Motorcycle/Bike/2-wheeler insurance can traditionally be renewed by visiting the insurer’s nearest office.  The process is very simple, however if you get the time to visit the branch, you need to know your policy and vehicle details and fill the same in the application form.  If you pay the premium by cash, demand draft or debit card, the branch usually signs the new policy immediately.

 Clearance of check payments requires time and in such cases, your policy will most likely be emailed to your official email address.  If you wish to buy new optional riders or add-on covers, you may have to visit the nearest branch office.  This step may differ from insurer to insurer and thus, it is better to confirm by contacting your insurer before opting for additional cover.


Why should we buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle Insurance :- Hello friends!  Do you also want to know why we should buy Motorcycle Insurance?  Or what can be the benefits of having two-weeler insurance?, So you must read this article till the end.


Should we buy Motorcycle (Two-weeler) Insurance?

Should we buy Motorcycle or Two-wheeler Insurance?  If you want to buy, then first know the reason for buying two wheeler insurance online.

 Here we have given you some important facts.  Which you can consider before buying two wheeler insurance online from and get some additional benefits :-

  • Instant Two Wheeler Policy :-

   You can buy two wheeler insurance on Policybazaar instantly, as it issues policies online in a matter of seconds.

  • Do not pay any extra charges :-

  You will not need to pay additional charges.

  • Details of previous two wheeler policy are not required :-

  If for more than 90 days you do not have to provide the details of your previous bike insurance policy.

  • No Inspection or Documentation :-

  You can renew your policy without any inspection and documentation.

  • Easy renewal of expired policy :-

 You can easily renew your expired policy on the website.

  • Quick Claim Settlement :-

  Policybazaar team assists you while filing the claim for your vehicle.

  • Online Support :-

  Our team is always with you whenever you need it.  If you will get stuck anywhere, you don’t have to worry about anything.


What are the benefits of motorcycle or two wheeler insurance?

 Whenever you ride a two wheeler/motorcycle, scooter or moped, anything can happen to you at that time.  The problems of lack of good roads, morning and evening rush and erratic traffic are a part of life today.  In addition, instances of rain or heat waves can cause many problems on the road, such as slippery surfaces, muddy or muddy areas, or sticky tar.

   These conditions can damage the two wheeler vehicle and also cause injury to the drivers.  To stay safe from all such incidents, it is very important to have a valid two wheeler insurance.  The Motor Protection Act in India protects millions of bike owners from expenses arising out of third party damages by making third party bike insurance cover mandatory.


Benefits of Motorcycle/Two-Weeler Insurance

 Let us now know about the various benefits of buying two wheeler (motorcycle) insurance :-

  1. Financial Security

  Two wheeler insurance provides financial cover, which helps in saving a lot of money in case of accident, theft or third party liabilities.  Even a small loss can cost thousands of rupees.  But this bike insurance policy helps you to repair without damage.

  1. Accidental Injury

  Not only does it cover damages sustained by your vehicle in an accident, but also covers any accidental injury you may have.

  1. All Types of Two Wheelers

  It protects against damage to scooters, motorcycles or mopeds.  Even the vehicles have been revamped and are available with features like better mileage, power and styling.

  1. Cost of Extra Parts

  The increasing demand for motorcycles in India has increased their cost along with the rising cost of their spare parts.  This two wheeler policy covers the cost of additional parts, including simple nuts and bolts or parts such as gears or brake pads, which have become more important than before.

  1. Roadside Assistance

  While purchasing the policy, you can opt for roadside assistance, in case you require assistance on the road.  This includes services like towing, minor repairs, flat tyres, etc.

  1. Peace of Mind

  Any damage to your vehicle can result in a hefty repair fee.  If you have two wheeler insurance, your insurer will take care of the unwanted expenses so that you can ride without any reason for worry.


How can you buy two wheeler insurance plan online?

To buy you two wheeler insurance plan online, follow the steps given below:-

Step1.:- First of all you go to or go to the website from which you want to buy.

Step2.:- Enter the required details asked for there or click to proceed.

Step3.:- After this you select your city and your RTO zone.

Step4.:- Then select the 2 wheeler manufacturer, model and variant of your bike.

Step5.:- After this you enter your manufacturer year.

Step6.:- Then you will be shown the premium quotations of different insurers.  You choose the plan that you want to buy.

Step7.:- Select any add-on which you want to buy.  After that enter the required details again.

Step8.:- You have to pay the premium amount through Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking to make the payment.

Step9.:- As soon as the process is completed.  The policy will be issued to you and you will receive the documents on your registered email id.

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