Indiana hotel turns suite into ‘Stranger Things’ living room just in time for spooky weather

While the town of Hawkins, Indiana, remains fictional, a hotel in the state is turning.”strange things“in reality.

The Graduate is offering fans of Bloomington Netflix A spooky staycation series in the show’s universe by transforming a suit into several characters’ homes in time for Halloween, According to ABC affiliate WHAS 11,

“We really wanted to make locals and people from far and wide come to Graduate Bloomington to feel like you’re on the chain,” Lauren Davis, the hotel’s director of sales, told WHAS.

One of the rooms is intended to resemble Joyce Byers’ living room (Winona Ryder) and comes with the alphabet wall used in Season 1 to communicate with her son Will (Noah Schnapp), while he was trapped in the show’s alternate dimension, “The Upside Down”.

The adjoining room imitates the Wheeler family cellar and includes the fort that used to be Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) lived hiding from shady government officials, as well as in a pile of his favorite Eggo waffles, according to hotel,

The “Upside Down Experience” is decorated with 1980s wallpaper, includes retro board games, and comes with a map to hunt down the fictional Demogorgon, According to Elite Daily,

Above the bed in one of the rooms is a Demogorgon and a poster of John Carpenter "Thing."
Above the bed in one of the rooms is a Demogorgon and a poster of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

Graduate Bloomington / Facebook

Additional Easter eggs include student IDs, costumes worn by the characters, and Will from Season 2 of the Upside Down. Visitors can chronicle their stay in the suite, which features a milk carton containing a picture of Will and Byers family Christmas lights. Polaroid camera.

“I think it’s the fact that you can literally walk around in this suite the whole time and never leave,” Davis told WHAS. “It’s cool how you can take pictures, listen to the cassette player, try on all the outfits, play games in another room and have fun and not have to leave.”

Davis told WHAS that recreating these rooms “took a lot of investigation to figure out where to get similar pieces. A lot of guests who have stayed in this room actually say it looks That they are on the set because the wallpaper you will see is the same, the picture and everything is the same here.”

Currently priced under $300 per night, this suite includes two beds and two baths, and comes with bike tours across the city and two tickets to the WonderLab Science Museum. While it stays true to form except for a modern television, the suite offers guests wireless Internet access.

For character, the hotel is donating 11% of the proceeds to the museum.

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