John Fetterman Uses an Adam Levine Sext to Troll Dr. Oz — and It Rocks

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Candidate John Fetterman shared a text allegedly sent by accused philanthropist Adam Levine to mock his GOP rival Mehmet Oz. (See it below.)

An Instagram model alleged this week that the married Maroon 5 frontman had an affair with her. levin admitted that he crossed the border, but denied sexual involvement. Then provocative message Levin who were directed at other women.

Fetterman’s team A stream of excavations maintained at Ozu On Twitter, mocking the former TV doctor’s use of the word “crudite” after a long stay in New Jersey and his alleged carpet bagging in Pennsylvania.

But Fetterman has taken on some jabs, too. Oz and his campaign team have questioned his fitness for the office after a stroke.

“If John Fetterman” Have you ever eaten a vegetable in your life?So he may not have suffered a major stroke and he may not be in a position to lie about it constantly,” scoffed at one Australian employee.

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