Man taunts Prince Andrew during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

there could be millions of people mourning death of QUEEN ELIZABETH II, But a Scottish man chose instead to inflict some suffering on his son Prince Andrew.

it happened monday During a funeral procession in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Andrew and his two brothers, King Charles III And Prince Edward, and his sister, Princess Anne, followed a chariot holding the coffin wrapped with the Queen’s flag.

As the royal procession passed through the crowd, a man could be heard shouting, “Andrew, you are a sick old man,” to the prince, according to a tweet from Reuters.

The man was quickly captured and left the crowd, while others shouted, “God save the king!” according to independent,

Prince Andrew has been investigated for an affair with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Princely reached an agreement with Virginia Giuffre earlier this year, who accused him of sexually assaulting and abusing him when he was a minor in the early 2000s.

The protester, later identified only as “Rory”, told Holyrood Daily Journalist Joseph Anderson beat up Prince so that people Know that “powerful men should not be allowed to commit sex crimes and get away with it.”

As Holyrood Daily reports, there was at least one more arrest of a man making anti-monarchical statements, and this angered a British group that wants to get rid of the royal family.

Anti-monarchy group spokesman Graham Smith Republic, issued a statement saying that the organization “Very concerned about people being arrested for peaceful protest.”

“The police, media and politicians need to understand that the merger is a controversial event and people have the right to speak and be heard,” the statement said.

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