Matt Smith reveals which members of the royal family he used to watch ‘The Crown’

Fans of “The Crown” have long wondered whether the British royal family ever saw the popular Netflix Series based on his history and life. While Matt Smith, who played a young Prince Philip in the show’s first two seasons, doesn’t have all the answers, this week he revealed what he knows about his viewing habits.

actor Appeared on NBC’s “Today” Thursday where he shared a story about meeting Prince Harry,

Matt Smith, who played a young Prince Philip "Crown."
Matt Smith, who played a young Prince Philip in “The Crown”.

SLAVEN Vlasik/Getty Images

“He turned to me and he went, ‘Dada,'” Smith said, raising his hand to Harry—in reference to the actor’s role as Philip.

“They must have seen the show!” Smith said. “Well, I mean I can’t claim to know if he currently sees it, but he may have seen a little bit of it.” The anecdote prompted host Savannah Guthrie to ask for the “inside scoop” if other members of the royal family had seen it.

“I heard the Queen had seen it,” said Smith. “And she used to watch it on the projector on Sunday nights.”

Queen Elizabeth II in 2021.
Queen Elizabeth II in 2021.

Although Smith did not disclose where he got his information, other reports also said that Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week at the age of 96, saw “The Crown”. UK Outlets British Heritage Tour cited A royal “insider” who said the Queen had watched the series, but added that she found some of it “overwhelmingly dramatic”. Vanessa Kirby, who played a young princess Margaret, also said that she heard through the grapevine that the Queen liked the show.

When it came to the late Prince Philip, Smith had a different story to tell.

“I know Philip definitely didn’t,” Smith said, adding that a friend had attended a dinner with the royal and “couldn’t resist” asking if he had seen it.

Philip then replied, “Don’t be ridiculous,” according to Smith.

“Crown” announced last week that it would stop filming after the death of the queen.

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