Michael Cohen: New York’s Trump lawsuit news makes all his ‘pain and anger’ worth it

the former Donald Trump Representative Michael Cohen On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James was pleased with the announcement that she had filed a civil suit Against the former president and his three eldest children over an alleged tax fraud scheme.

“I would like to personally thank [James] For acknowledging my participation and assistance in bringing accountability to Mandarin Mussolini!” Cohen tweeted. “My journey to the truth has been filled with sadness, pain and anger. Today’s announcement makes it [all] Worth it!!!”

At a press conference to announce the trial, James noted that Cohen had played a major role in launching the three-year investigation, which he said included the review of millions of documents and interviews of 65 witnesses.

“Mr. Trump and his aides may say that these punishments are too harsh or that it is part of a witch hunt,” she said. “I will remind everyone that this investigation was conducted by his former attorney Michael Cohen testifying before Congress. And it was only after this malpractice was brought to light that it started.”

James’ office wants to stop Trump, Donald Trump Junior, Ivanka Trump and asked Eric Trump to stop doing business in New York state, as well as pay him about $250 million in restitution and limit his access to loans.

His office is also making criminal referrals to federal prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service, believing that Trump has broken federal law.

Cohen testified to Congress in 2019 that Trump totally exaggerated His wealth before he became president, including increasing his wealth in 2014, including applying for a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills NFL team.

He said Trump exaggerated his wealth when it served his purposes and also reduced the value of the property to reduce his real estate taxes.

Cohen was once one of Trump’s closest advisers, but was charged by attorneys with facilitating a hush money payment to porn actor Stormy Daniels to prevent him from disclosing an alleged relationship with Trump two weeks before the 2016 election. After leaving he turned it on. Cohen said that this was done on the instructions of Trump.

Cohen spent time in prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to tax offenses, fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Trump has not faced any consequences on this plan.

Cohen has lashed out at his former boss ever since, regularly speaking out against him and working with various officials investigating wrongdoings by the former president and his family.

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