Michael Strahan reveals his 7 essential travel items

It’s been 14 years since Michael Strahan retired from the NFL, after a 15-year career as a defensive end for the New York Giants. Since then, his professional life has not only taken off, but has also gone in myriad directions: he is a commentator on the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show (as well as hosting “Thursday Night Football”), a four-year co-hosting Have done “Stay! With Kelly and Michael” with Kelly Ripa and she is currently a Morning host for “Good Morning America”.

In 2015, he also launched his Michael Strahan clothing collection, which he wears almost every day. “Everything in my line is designed for versatility,” he tells CNN Underscore, noting that Modern Fit Crew Neck Sweater One of their new caves is with the naval triangle. “All my tops can take me to meetings, social events and beyond. I love them.” She can often be found in collections as well. straight leg black jeans, which can easily be passed off as dress pants. “Our denim has just the right amount of stretch,” he says—useful when he’s sitting on a plane or in front of the camera for hours. (or, you know, for skyrocketing to the edge of space With Blue Origin.)

Now Strahan is also getting into the skin care game for the first time. On September 16, she launched the Michael Strahan Daily Defense Line (available at CVS), a five-product regimen based on products she uses every day to protect against dry skin.

CNN Underscored spoke to Strahan, one of the busiest men on television, to get her favorite daily essentials on the go.

daily moisturizer

Strahan’s new skin care line has five products: a face wash, shaving lotion, post-shaving balm, face and neck moisturizer, and conditioning beard oil. He likes to use them all as part of his daily routine, but if he’s on the go, he makes sure to at least throw on moisturizer, which is non-clogging and made with vitamin E and avocado oil. Is. “It’s my secret weapon for looking and feeling my best,” he says. “Especially during football season, which is my busiest season.”

a tool for work and play

Because he’s often traveling by plane, train, or automobile, Strahan says he always has his iPad with him to view content whenever he’s on the move. “I love my iPad,” he says. “Not only for work and catching up on email, but also for unplugging and watching movies.” He further added, “At ‘GMA’, a lot of actors come to promote their films, so I am fortunate to have got screeners in advance.”

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Water bottle

“A good skin care routine is also tied to hydration,” Strahan says. “And nutrition too, of course.” He makes sure he gets at least eight daily glasses of water with his portable 32-ounce stainless steel Hydro Flask. “I always drink a ton of water a day,” he says. “It helps me stay on track.”

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quality suitcase

“GMA” and “Thursday Night Football” both shoot in NYC (where Strahan maintains a home base), but he still shoots for various morning show segments across the country, for football games, or to shoot commercials or other media appearances. Flying continuously for “I’ve become a packing pro at this point,” he says, noting that he loves durable take away bags. “Having a good quality bag is so important no matter how much I travel from week to week.”

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meal replacement bar

Having a leisurely sit-down lunch isn’t exactly what a workaholic Strahan might pencil in each day. “My schedule is very busy,” he says. “But it’s important to stay fueled. When I can’t sit down for lunch, I just eat a Quest Bar. They’re healthy, so they’re in my bag all the time. How do I go from meeting to meeting?

A charger that you can take with you anywhere

No missed connections here. Strahan says he’ll have to stay connected for work, which means he won’t go anywhere without portable cell, laptop, and AirPods chargers. The best-selling Anker PowerCore III Elite is slim enough to fit in a pants or jacket pocket, and charge in three hours. Then it has enough juice to recharge a cell phone up to five times. “It’s very important that I stay charged for all my work meetings and calls throughout the day,” Strahan says.

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athleisure wear

Strahan explains that he is not Always Wearing a suit and tie in front of the camera. When he has downtime, he prefers to unwind in casual and athletic apparel. “It’s definitely my favorite from the NFL line,” he says of this MSX by Michael Strahan sleeveless hoodie. “It’s what I wear when I’m watching sports, walking around the house, or sweating it out at the gym.”

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