Michigan Secretary of State worried about ‘violence and disruption’ going mid-term

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) said Sunday that she and other election officials around the country are concerned about “violence and disruption” as November’s midterm election approaches.

Benson, the top Michigan official tasked with maintaining the integrity of the election, commented on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” telling host Major Garrett that there was great concern about the “ongoing spread of misinformation.”

“Which certainly fuels the potential for additional threats, harassment and even violence on Election Day,” she said.

His statement came amid heated talks between both the sides. President Joe Biden is visiting the nation, reducing extreme groups of the GOP that has adopted the “MAGA” ideology of Donald Trump. Trump and his surrogate in return called Biden “hateful and divisive,

Benson said Sunday that election officials on both sides of the political spectrum were working “day and night” with law enforcement and other partners to “protect the sanctity of polling places and the integrity of our democracy” in November. Can you

“It is also important to note that we have been doing this work for about two years now or more than two years now, and we are really succeeding at every turn. Democracy won in 2020,” she said. “Therefore, we are in many ways more prepared this year than we were in 2020 to make sure we are shielding the system against any potential disruption, less Doing or definitely protecting.”

Garrett asked whether voters should remain curious about electoral integrity in the mid-term. Benson agreed, saying officials welcomed “evidence-based questions” but said voters should reject attempts to create political instability through propaganda and fear-mongering.

“What has really happened in the last few years is based not on evidence based on factual misinformation or allegations, but on aspirations, and is geared towards furthering a truly partisan agenda and outlawing democracy,” she said. .

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