Migrant lawyers call for criminal investigation into Ron DeSantis’ brutal Martha’s Vineyard ‘stunt’

Attorneys for Venezuelan asylum seekers who were deported to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Demanding a criminal investigation into the “shameful political stunt”.

“We strongly believe that criminal laws were broken by the perpetrators of this stunt,” read Boston Lawyers’ Letter to Civil Rights US Attorney Rachel Rollins and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy were sent on Saturday.

The LCR demanded, “This type of conspiracy to deprive our customers of their liberty and civil rights should be thoroughly investigated … for violation of all applicable criminal laws.”

Mayor of New York City Eric Adams also warned on Sunday that he is considering legal action by Texas Republican Gov. over similar human trafficking in his city. Greg Abbott, Who has transported about 2,500 migrants to New York.

“Our legal team is Given the legal challengesagainst Texas, Adams said on CBS New York. [involuntarily] On a bus, we believe the law skates. We are leaving no stone unturned to make sure New Yorkers are [not] Being treated unfairly,” he said.

According to the LCR, Venezuelan victims in Massachusetts were “induced to board planes and cross state lines under false pretense” from where they were intended.

The group, which on Wednesday representing 30 of 48 people from Texas to Massachusetts Vacation Island, alleged that “individuals working closely with state officials, including Florida’s governor, made many false promises.” [to the migrants] – work opportunities, schooling for their children … to motivate them to travel.” The LCR noted that he only became aware of his actual destination mid-flight.

The LCR wrote, “Based on their race and country of origin, what amounted to a coordinated political “stunt” targeting vulnerable people as young as two years old. Asylum seekers were deceived “from their freedom”. was denied”, the lawyers argued. The move additionally interfered with their clients’ ability to “comply with federal immigration obligations, such as attendance at hearings.”

The allegedly “cowardly” move put his customers “in danger”. Upon arrival, several individuals were “taken to hospital requiring medical care. Some now have immigration hearings on Mondays thousands of miles away,” the LCR said.,

Since the DeSantis move, Abbott has sent Two groups of 150 asylum seekers — including a one-month-old baby — from your state to the Vice President Kamala Harris‘ House.

The stunt could backfire on Republican governors attempting to “weapon” humans into political conflict. DeSantis, in particular, could face a major voter backlash in his state, home to the largest Venezuelan community in the country.

Members and supporters of Florida’s Venezuelan community have criticized DeSantis for his actions.

“Immigrants, especially in Florida, are a fundamental part of local development and the economy,” said local Venezuelan journalist Carlos Bohorquez. Tampa Bay Times, “Ignoring our immigrants fleeing brutal rule is an inhuman act.”

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