New Hampshire and Rhode Island election results 2022

2022 primary season I am ready to go out with a bang with the voters new Hampshire And Rhode Island Deciding a series of fiercely contested races would play a major role in defining who governs the House and Senate next year.

In more than six months, voters across the country have set Bets for November’s general election – A series of contests that would determine control over nearly every level of government under the presidency. Democrats are defending a narrow majority on Capitol Hill and winning state executive seats nationwide, while Republicans are trying to take back control of Congress and put a halt to President Joe Biden’s agenda. The GOP is also deployed to elect 2020 electoral deniers to key positions in the states and potentially the House and Senate.

Tonight’s major races: on Tuesday, granite State Republicans are hoping to flip major Democratic-held Senate and House seats, but — as has been a theme throughout the year — they could see those ambitions dim if candidates see the party as more viable in the general election, primary. Voters don’t like it. The former is more closely associated with the politics of President Donald Trump.

It’s been a tough few months for Republicans seeking to control the Senate in January. And Tuesday’s primary may represent the grace of a coup.

Many Republicans are worried that Don Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general who ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2020, could win Tuesday’s Republican Senate primary, setting off a frenzy out-of-pocket burst Looking to promote from Republican to Chuck Morse, state Senate president and establishment favorite.

Bolduc has shown little ability to raise funds—he made less than $600,000 as of August 24, compared to Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan’s $31.4 million—and has a tendency to speak inflammatory, even Republican operatives who know him well describe him as one. “loose cannon.”

“He’s not a serious candidate. He really isn’t,” popular Republican Gov. Chris Sununu told WGIR in August. “Had he been nominated, I have no doubt that we would have had a much harder time trying to win that seat back. Therefore, I do not take him seriously as a candidate. I don’t think most people do.”

New Hampshire Governors Chris Sununu and Chuck Morse speak to the media at a polling place in Bedford, New Hampshire, on September 13.
New Hampshire Governors Chris Sununu and Chuck Morse speak to the media at a polling place in Bedford, New Hampshire, on September 13. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

To help Morse, Sunnu supports Morse Spoke with Trump a few days before the primary and recently, urging him to join the race. Trump has yet to endorse, but some Republicans in the state were concerned that he would support Bolduc.

Another important race: New Hampshire’s Republican Primary First Congress DistrictVoters will decide whether copying Trump’s style is more effective than following through on his policies.

Republicans Matt Mavers and Carolyn Levitt are leading the primary. Both worked for Trump — on his 2016 campaign and at the State Department, and Levitt in the White House press shop — and both are perfectly aligned with the former president’s agenda.

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