Off-Duty Atlanta Cop Allegedly Used Racist Abuse, Points Gun at Black Family

an off-duty atlanta A police officer is facing multiple charges after he allegedly made racist abuses and pointed a gun at a black family during a road rage incident.

Courtney Harris reported that a man identified as Robert Malone, a white officer who resigned later in July, pointed a handgun at him as he navigated through traffic in May, WXIA-TV reported,

According to a police report, Harris, a black woman with her partner Quinton Rogers and their three children in the car, said she was leaving a parking lot when she nearly hit the man’s vehicle.

According to the report, Malone, who drives the black Chevrolet Camaro, allegedly honked his horn at the woman and called her the n-word.

The woman said that he threatened her by saying that he would “blow her mind”, and she saw him again pointing his gun.

“It created the biggest fear in them, like seeing that gun pointed at them. And then, my 11-year-old daughter lowered her head to save her 8-year-old, telling her that the gun was right here.” pointing,” Harris told the news station.

“I cried that night – it hurt,” she said.

harris Told WSB-TV That he noticed Malone’s “Atlanta Police” badge and, when he “flagged” a different Atlanta police officer, Malone denied his allegations and took off.

Malone was later arrested and charged with several serious charges, including first-degree cruelty to children and grievous assault with a deadly weapon. WSB-TV told,

He went to jail on June 28 and was released the next day, prison records show.

Harris told the news station that he doesn’t think a man like Malone should be carrying a gun around.

Malone’s attorney, Brian Tevis, told the news station that Harris and Rogers gave a “misrepresentation” of the incident compared to what they had told police. They claimed that the couple got out of their car to approach Malone’s Camaro and became aggressive, threatening them.

“Once he realized Mr Malone was a police officer, he changed his behavior and came up with these false allegations,” said Tevis of Tevis Law Firm LLC. “His inability to tell the same story twice shows that his account is a fabricated one. Unlike his story, the truth doesn’t change, and we expect the truth to come out in court.”

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