Opinion: Cuts too close to home when Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg say something

That’s what happened to me when comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan conducted a three-hour interview with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms. latest episode His podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”
No, Rogan and Zuckerberg didn’t name me or my fiancee. But he complained that his wives Interrupt them when they are working from home.
Rogan discussed the issue, mentioning “there is now a big pushback about people going to the office, instead of working from home”. Many companies are tightening their policies about work from home, including Apple, which has Headlines recently when its employees signed a petition protesting a new scheme They are required to return to the office three days a week.
In response, Zuckerberg noted how “our company is really leaning heavily on remote work,” explaining that there are certain types of work that “you can do very well from a lot of different places.” zuckerberg expressed a similar sentimentn June 2021 when his company announced that employees could continue to work from home if their jobs could be done remotely after the pandemic ended: “We’ve learned over the past year that good work can be done anywhere Maybe,” he wrote then.
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I couldn’t agree more about the benefits of working from home. A Pew Research Center survey released in February found that, like me, 64% employees Realize that working from home makes it easier to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. And I’m totally in the camp of the 44% who responded that working from home makes them more efficient and allows them to meet deadlines more easily.
Zuckerberg notes that the downside of working from home becomes apparent when his wife of 10 years, Priscilla Chan, interrupts him. “I’ll be like in the zone… working on something and you know, my wife would want to ask me some basic questions and I’d just be like, ‘Oh man, it’s like, I like it lost my flow’ is,'” social media executive Told,

Zuckerberg continued, “From his point of view, it’s like, ‘Oh, no big deal, it was a quick question, just go back to what you’re doing.’ It’s like, no, that’s not how it works.”

At that time, Rogan chimed in About his experience working at home with his wife of 13 years, Jessica Ditzel: “I physically run away from my wife when I have an idea to make a joke.” The comic said, “If she’s talking and I have an idea, I’ll just run away. I just go, ‘I got an idea.’ I’m just, like, got to meet her, so no problem. But yeah, if I’m in the middle of writing, and she comes in and interrupts, it’s over. It just falls apart.”

Now comes the part where I’m having problems.

I’ve been living with my longtime fiancé Hend for years. during COVID-19 Crisis, we became even closer as we worked – and continued to work – mainly from home. I joked that during the pandemic I realized that she was not just my best friend, but my only friend.

However, after listening to Rogan and Zuckerberg, I realize that I am the one who interrupts my fiancée, contrary to his beliefs about their wives. Unlike Rogan, who says he runs away from his wife when he has an idea, I run to my fiancé. As Hand said recently, being with me is like having “my own personal radio show.” (Thankfully, she said that playfully.)

Even though I host my SiriusXM shows from the company’s studios two to three days a week, I prepare for the show daily at home. I’m always trying to come up with ideas for the show and working on articles to write, and that one is my favorite. While I’m no longer a full-time standup comic, I still perform frequently, which means that when I come up with a new joke, she’s the first to hear it.

After listening to Rogan and Zuckerberg I now realize that I interrupt my fiancé several times a day – always thinking it’s a simple question, unaware of how it can disrupt her “in the zone” Is.

Now, my fiancee is the kind, caring she, she hasn’t complained to me. Nor has she appeared on the country’s top-rated podcasts—like Rogan and Zuckerberg bragging about their spouses. (I wonder how their wives reacted after hearing the comments?)

But as Zuckerberg rightly said, working from home is all about finding the right “mix.” It’s something I may need to work on more to be fair to my fiancée – as others find it’s only a minor interruption when they “quick” from a loved one who works from home. question” asks.

Oddly enough, Rogan and Zuckerberg are helping me be a better partner and colleague. Now, the only question is whether I should interrupt to tell my fiancé what I’ve learned.

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