Petrol subsidy in jharkhand app registration Form

Petrol subsidy in jharkhand app registration form । How to Apply Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Registration? Jharkhand petrol subsidy apply online । How to Download CM Support App? 


Petrol subsidy in jharkhand app registration Form

Petrol subsidy jharkhand :- Jharkhand government is going to implement “Petrol Subsidy Scheme” for ration card holders, applicants who are interested can register through online.

  That’s why today we read this page thoroughly for petrol subsidy in jharkhand app registration and understand it, information is available in very easy language.


How to Apply Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Registration?

Online Apply Petrol Subsidy Ragistration :- To apply or register online Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy, you have to follow some steps mentioned below:-

Step 1:- First you go to the official website of

Step 2:- Open the home page, then click on the Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Registration Form link.

Step 3:- Now Petrol Subsidy Registration Form will open in front of you on the screen.

Step 4:- Then you have to enter the ration card details and aadhar card number.

Step 5:- After that you will get opt ​​on your registered mobile number for verification.  That otp has to be entered.

Step 6:- Then you can login with your ration card number and your aadhar card number (last 8 digits) is the password.

Step 7:- After OTP verification, you have to enter your vehicle number and DL number.

Step 8:- Now you select the name of the ration card.  Then your vehicle numbers go to DTO login.  DTO will investigate this.

Step 9:- After that after complete verification the list will go to the login of District Supply Officer.

Step 10: – Now you can check the status of verification and after completion, you can visit CM Support App or official website


 And after that whenever you put petrol on registered motorcycle from any petrol pump in Jharkhand, you will get subsidy.

 And as I mentioned the subsidy money will be credited to your bank account in the form of DBT.  That is, if you put more than 10 liters of petrol on your bike, then you will get ₹ 250 deposited in your bank account every month.


How to Download CM Support App? 

Download CM Supports Petrol Subsidy App :- How to download CM Support App and how to apply your Petrol Subsidy Registration with this.  For that you can see the steps given below :-

Step 1:- First of all you open Google Play Store in mobile.

Step 2:- After this you search for CM Supports App.

Step 3:- Now download and install CM Support App in your mobile.

Step 4:- Then you have to register with your Aadhar Card or Ration Card Number.

Step 5:- After few seconds get OTP for verification on your registered mobile number.

Step 6:- After that you can check CM Support App Download and Petrol Subsidy status.


How to Apply for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy

Petrol Subsidy Ragistration online Apply :- Ration card holders of Jharkhand can now apply Petrol Subsidy Registration to take advantage of this scheme.  There are two ways to register :-

  1. The first method can be registered on CM Support App (CM-SUPPORT APP).
  2. And another way, you can also register by visiting the official website


Subjects / ArticleJharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme Online Registration Form
Petrol Subsidy Scheme Launch Date26/01/2022
Petrol Subsidy RagistrationActive
Petrol Subsidy Ragistration ApplyOnline
CM Support App linkDownload
Petrol Subsidy CategoryScheme
Save per litre₹25/litre


  To take advantage of the subsidy received from petrol, Jharkhand government Hemant Soren has launched an app, named CM-SUPPORT.

 The beneficiaries have to do this work in advance, meaning the benefit of petrol will be available only when the beneficiaries have completed the registration to take advantage of this scheme first.


Conditions for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme

Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Registration Condition :- You must have a ration card to take advantage of the Jharkhand government’s petrol subsidy.

 Also, the benefits of National Food Security Scheme and Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme are already available, such ration card holders will get the benefit of this scheme.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant should be a ration card holder of the state’s National Food Security Act or Jharkhand State Block Security Act.
  • Verified Aadhaar number of all family members should be mentioned in the ration.
  • Aadhar linked bank account and mobile number of the applicant should be updated.
  • The registration of the applicant’s vehicle should be in the name of the applicant.
  • Applicant should have valid driving license.
  • Applicant’s two-wheeler should be registered in Jharkhand.


Documents required to avail Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme

  • Ration card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Active bank account
  • Own Motorcycle
  • Required documents of the motorcycle
  • Driving license to drive a bike
  • The registration number of the motorcycle should be of Jharkhand
  • The consumer should be a permanent resident of Jharkhand.

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Last words about Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Online Registration Form

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