Rapper Destroys a Ridiculous Detroit Amusement Slide That’s Causing Wipeouts

A giant, groovy metal amusement slide in a Detroit public park is going viral because of some seriously bumpy rides—and one local rapper hasn’t.

Detroit hip-hop artist GMac Cash released a diss song aimed at the shiny slide of Belle Isle Park, which reopened last week after a two-year pandemic shutdown. slide, called a. has been described as “Rite of the Way” by Axios DetroitHas been around since 1967 and allows thrill-seekers to slide down a 40-foot-tall amusement on the pad for $1, According to MLY,

It is gaining worldwide media fame, with videos showing people flying over the crest, slamming into the sides and falling into the landing area:

Gmac Cash, in a new song called “Giant Slide,” jokes about having a “jumping off a roof” experience where you can “lose a tooth.”

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which has operated Belle Isle since 2014, closed hours after it reopened. A spokesperson told Detroit News workers waxed and washed the surface of the slide to slow riders down and plan to reopen it later this week.

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