How to check if a song is copyrighted on YouTube 2021 | How to check whether a song is copyrighted or not

How to check if a song is copyrighted on YouTube 2021

YouTube song copyright checker online :- If you also make YouTube videos, then you must be aware that copyright claims are very annoying.  Do you want to check or check whether YouTube Video Song is copyrighted or not.  If you also have a copyright of a particular song or music before uploading it or not?  So today we will know this.

 In this post we will look at some practical tips on how to check music for copyright or how to check if a song is copyrighted and explore several options on how you can use copyrighted music legally.


How do we check a song for copyright?

  Before we learn about YouTube Song/music copyright checker online, it is important to understand how YouTube copyright works.

 YouTube employs a robust copyright system called Content ID, which helps song or music owners earn money by protecting their work and allowing others to use their music, songs, or music in YouTube videos.

   Every time you upload a video, YouTube scans it to find out if your video contains any copyrighted music. If it finds a match, you get a copyright claim.

 So the big question here is this.


How do I know which songs trigger copyright claims before upload?

We’ve tested a few “copyright checkers” that claim to answer this question and the results were so disappointingly wrong that we decided not to even post the link.

 Which provides us with the only surefire, 100% accurate solution currently included in YouTube’s own Creator Studio.


How to use Creator Studio to check if a song or music is copyrighted?

YouTube Creator Studio recently got a new feature that allows creators to check their videos for copyright issues before the video is published.

 Here is a quick tutorial on how you can quickly get any music for song/music copyright.  You can follow the steps to check copyright song online check from YouTube Creators Studio here :-


Step 1.:- You make a quick video.

  • Unfortunately, you need to make some kind of video before you can check or test copyright songs online.
  • We have used file converters both online and offline to convert from MP3 to MP4 and some other video types, but let us tell you that YouTube requires the actual video.
  • Otherwise, you only get this error from YouTube :-

 “Processing abandoned The video could not be processed”

  • Footage can be literally anything.  A simple video loop will do. Now you are ready to upload your video to YouTube.


Step 2.:- Upload your video to YouTube channel.

  • Now start uploading to Creative Studio the same way you upload any other video.
  • You refer to the “Check” tab, as it will come in handy after the processing is over.


Step 3:.- Now check the result in the “Check” tab.

  • Once YouTube is finished processing the upload of the video, click on the “Check” tab to see the results.
  • If you are free from Copyright Song/Music, you will see here, “Copyright no issues found”.
  • If copyright is registered with Music or Music Content ID (therefore will trigger copyright claims on YouTube), you will see a big red Exclamation mark in the “Check” tab.
  • Now click on “See Details” to see how exactly your video will be affected if you go ahead with the upload.


How does copyright affect the song or video on our YouTube videos?

If using Copyright Song/Video will affect our YouTube Video, we would like to tell you that copyright claims do not necessarily restrict from using copyrighted music.

 In fact, the claim details page gives us all the information we need to make a decision.  So in this particular example we see that :-

  1. This is not a copyright strike, so there is no penalty on my youtube channel.
  2. Having Copyright Song Video, I can not monetize the video.
  3. I can still use copyrighted music or videos, but if I don’t mind making money with occasional ads.
  4. If I have a license to use this music (and I don’t want to monetize or advertise) I need to contact HAAWK to have the claim removed.


Is it possible to legally use copyrighted songs on YouTube?

Can I use copyrighted music/music on youtube?, so all songs are copyrighted… don’t give up now!  Copyright means that each piece of the song or video has a legal owner.  However, that owner may be totally fine with you using his music on YouTube.

 And if someone is unhappy, then he can give you issues of Copyright Song or Video to Copyright Song Video.  Here are some types of copyrighted music that you can use legally on YouTube:

1. Creative Commons Music

 Many musicians distribute their music under a Creative Commons license.  You can use Creative Commons Song/music for free.  But, depending on the specific license, you may have to credit the author or only use the music in a non-commercial video.

   If you are planning to monetize your videos using copyrighted songs or videos, then this might not be the best option for you.


2. Ad Supported Music

 Several recording labels and publishers have signed a deal with YouTube that allows creators to access their music in exchange for placing ads in videos.

 If you don’t mind ads, this could be a great opportunity to use top music in your videos.  But your videos will not be eligible for monetization, so you can not earn due to copyright song.  That is, the ad revenue goes to the music owners.

 It may be a good choice for a hobby channel, but certainly won’t work for monetized or promotional videos.


3. Licensed Music

 If you have explicit permission or license from the rights owner, you can of course use that music on YouTube.

 How do you get a license?  Here are some options that you can check out:-

  • It can be as simple as sending an email to an indie artist of your choice and asking for permission.  That is, you via email.
  • Major recording artists will require you to contact their publishers and recording labels and negotiate a license.  Usually, this won’t be the most practical (or cheap) solution for a YouTuber.
  • Licensed royalty free music specifically created for videos and commercial use.  If you are earning, then this is the best option.  Make sure your music provider provides copyright support.

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How to check if a song is copyrighted on YouTube 2021

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