The 10 Best Allbirds Labor Day Sales and Deals 2022

there is too much labor day sale Ongoing, but we’ll always beat one if we see Allbirds offering some discounts. The sustainable minded shoe and activewear company is currently in end-of-season mode with 30% off for men And ladies shoes and up to 40% off for men And Women’s Apparel During Labor Day sales.

Read on for our favorite picks from the sale below, and then shop before your size disappears.

sugar slider

These sandals are made for any foot (not just for women), and come in five on-sale shades to add to your end-of-summer outfit: orange, black, white, pink, and green. Go ahead, wear them with socks.


This durable, super-comfortable underwear is moisture-wicking and breathable for workout, travel days, and any day.

natural leggings

Some leggings tick all the boxes: soft, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and naturally thermoregulating to keep you cool during your workout. They’re made of compressive fabric for a little extra hold even when you’re moving. (Finish the set with matching $39 . tank,

long sleeve nautical tee

This long-sleeved tee is perfect as the cooler weather begins, and it’s made from odor-reducing TrinoXO materials (eucalyptus trees, merino wool, and crab shells) so you can keep it on even longer between washes. Can wear

fleece runner

These walking, errand-running, commuting shoes are made from ZQ merino wool and are perfect for fall’s chiller temps.

Trino Sprinters Crew Socks

Knitted to fit the feet of both men and women, these crew socks are bred for running, but they’re actually super-comfy for lounging too.

R&R Hoodie

R&R Hoodie

Super soft and ready for your couch or brunch, this organic Pima Cotton/Hemp/Teensel Hoodie is made for post-sunset evenings and crisp mornings.

natural run tee

Whether you’re on a jog or in the middle of bootcamp class, this tee will keep you cool: It’s spun from merino wool, recycled polyester, and eucalyptus tree fiber to keep air moving when you’re working hard.


These sneakers are perfect for the office, on travel days or for going out for evenings—and the ZQ merino wool construction is perfect for the fall season.

Wool Mizzle

These running shoes are ideal for rainy autumn days, thanks to water-repellent protection, great traction and comfortable ZQ merino wool construction.

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