The Proud Boys Who Wrote ‘Murder the Media’ on Capitol During January 6, Argument Arguments

Two members of the far-right Proud Boys extremist group pleaded guilty on Friday to obstructing the certification of the presidential election when they participated in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

Nicolas Ochs – a 36-year-old self-described “elder” of the Proud Boys who founded the group’s Hawaiian network – and his colleague, 32-year-old Nicolas DeCarlo, wrote “Murder the Media” at the door leading to the Washington Building Justice Department said, “Murder the Media” was the name of a men’s social media channel.

“We shouldn’t be here, it’s beyond the fence,” Ochs told DeCarlo at one point, According to court documents.

“We’re all felonies, yes!” DeCarlo replied.

Once inside the Capitol, the two discuss finding a House speaker Nancy Pelosic (D-California.).

“Where’s Nancy?” DiCarlo shouted into the building. “Nancy’s Office!” Both men shouted at the video, according to court documents,

The two also went through the duffel bag of a Capitol police officer, and DeCarlo took a pair of plastic handcuffs.

According to the Justice Department, on the video Ochs said, “Sorry, we couldn’t go live when we fuckin attacked the US Capitol and drove Congress.”

The guilty pleas come as additional Proud Boys face trial for their role in the January 6 attacks. Five others including group leader Enrique Tariohas been charged with seditious conspiracy to allegedly plot to use violence to reverse the results of the 2020 election, which was won by Joe Biden,

In late August, Proud Boys member was Joshua Pruitt. nearly five years in prison For his role in Riot.

Ochs and DeCarlo could receive prison sentences ranging from 41 to 51 months on their December 9 sentence, According to him The petition pertains to prosecutors.

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