The women were already tired. Then it happened 2022

To be honest, 2022 is handling me, and it is not handling me well. I am as delicate as a piece of fine china. I am broken, broken and tired. I have this terrible feeling that there is no help in sight. I am a teacher, a parent of two kids (ages 6 and 3), a wife, daughter of elder parents and I have debt till my eyes. I have always been the head of my household. I run the show. It’s All: Homework, Finances, Appointments, Activities, Shopping – Everything.

My spouse works and comes home and “fixes things,” and does whatever he wants. He grew up with traditional gender roles and these learned views of women have been hard to break. This year, he’s trying to understand that I can’t do it all, but I think men don’t know that the load is uneven. I feel like I’m kicking my butt off and it’s invisible.

in school, we short staffed And this kids are completely out of control, Coming home, I try to keep an organized chaos. I go to sleep tired every night. I feel like my life is a whirlwind and I’m just happy that I can touch the ground every once in a while.

I’m getting more forgetful these days than I normally am. working mothers 15,000 tabs open. Your computer sometimes starts to slow down. I’ve had so many tabs open for so long that the processing speed is slowing down.

Ten years ago, I did three jobs and we bought a condo. I have been paving my way financially and socially since then. In 2014, we needed IVF help to have kids and even though I knew I wasn’t the problem, I faced a year of terrifying trials. But without it I would not have beautiful children. As one ivf mom, I am saddened by the turn of the cry. When do men have to worry about themselves reproductive rights, men should have vasectomy If women cannot have an abortion. The United States is falling apart.

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