Trump-Defending Fox News Host Drops Accidental Truth Bomb: ‘Looks a Little Stupid’

“Let me ask you a question: If you’re going to commit a crime, do you keep the video cameras in your house on 24/7?” Mark Levine asked on the top of his monologue on Sunday night. “I don’t know, do you? Sounds kinda stupid, doesn’t it?”

Levin did not stop here.

“Or would you do it in front of the Secret Service? I don’t know, it sounds kinda stupid, doesn’t it?” They said. “Well, who are you hoping to believe.”

Levine who announced in 2019 that “sign of scamThe search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month called “the worst attack on this republic in modern history, period” — up to that point during the Trump presidency.

Now, Levine’s clear concession that the former president would be “a bit foolish” if the allegations prove to be true, Trump’s critics have jokingly agreed. Fox News host:

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