Watch a Republican candidate furiously backpedal with his own words on abortion

Scott Jensen, Republican candidate for governor Minnesotarunning away from his own position against abortion After the fall in their polling numbers.

“I will try to ban abortion,” Jensen vowed in a March interview with Minnesota Public Radio. In the past, he has also said that he would work to ban it without exception of rape and incest.unless the mother’s life is in danger,

Now there is anger among voters regarding this issue. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. WadeJensen has released a new video saying that abortion is a “constitutional right” in the state and that “no governor can change that.”

Jensen, who left the government behind. tim walzee (d) is down from 5 points in spring, 18 points Latest Survey from KSTP/SurveyUSA, Abortion is believed to be a major reason for this.

But he is not alone. There have been many GOP candidates run to hide, cover and erase Her previous comments on abortion. Just last month, Blake Masters, the Republican nominee for Senate in Arizona, was busted reducing anti-abortion language On his website, even erased the reference to him being a “100% pro-life” candidate.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision, polls have shown that Americans are in favor of abortion rights by a wide marginAnd it is becoming a major campaign issue ahead of the November midterm elections.

Democratic data firm, TargetSmart, said women are outpacing men in new voter registrations in several states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina:

A Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll last month found that economics remains a major motivating factor, with interest in abortion rising with the percentage of voters who called abortion access “very important,” up 9 points from February. Huh.

KFF President Drew Altman said in a news release Abortion could turn into a difference-maker in the November elections, when the control of the House and Senate will be decided.

“It’s pushing a lot of young women to vote, and most Democrats, half the independents and even some Republicans plan to vote for candidates who support abortion access,” he said. Told.

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