Watch the player round base, thinking he has hit a home run. (He did not.)

Delvin Perez was enjoying his home run trot on Thursday until it was too late to find that the ball was caught for out. (See video below.)

Perez of the Triple-A Memphis Redbirds minor league team led a campaign against the Gwynette Stripers and appeared certain the ball had flown over the wall. He looked at its majestic arc, threw up his bat and started rounding the bases.

But he didn’t notice that the strong wind turned it into an easy catch for the left fielder. Still, Perez kept jogging to home plate in celebration.

Check out his head-grabbing “D’oh!” The moment when he finally realized what happened:

Perez later lamented that the ball did not clear the fence. Feather Instagram, he noted that his bat exit velocity was 107 mph and only resulted in a “fly out”.

“Let’s go,” he wrote.

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