‘Who is this?’ Broadcasters struggle to identify new British leader at Queen’s funeral

Two Australian news presenters could not identify the British prime minister liz truss as soon as she arrived Queen Elizabeth II‘s Mayotte Monday and wondered whether she was a “minor royal” or a local dignitary.

“Who is this?” Channel Nine presenter Tracy Grimshaw tells Truss and her husband to exit a black SUV with a convoy outside Westminster Abbey.

Co-presenter Peter Overton replied, “No, hard to identify, probably members of the minor royals, … I can’t identify them at this point.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t see everyone,” Grimshaw said. “It looks like they may be local dignitaries; It’s hard to see. We are mostly looking at the back of his head.”

“I think we’re reaching the pointy end now, as they say, …” Overton retorted before quickly adding: “I’ve just been told that Liz Truss, the new prime minister, is in that distance. We were in what we could see as we got out of that car.”

Truss has only been in charge for a few weeks after winning the Conservative leadership contest following the resignation of Boris Johnson.

The Queen administered the oath to him on 6 September, just two days before the emperor’s death.

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